Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority Posts Increase of 1.5 Million in Net Position

Contact: Rebekke H. Miller, Program Coordinator P.O. Box 3205 Lafayette, LA 70502

For Immediate Release: 337-504-2314

Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority Posts Increase of 1.5 million in Net Position | Lafayette, LA – October 1, 2015 –

The Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority (LPTFA) posted an increase in net position of $1.5 million in fiscal year 2015 as reported by independent auditors, Kolder, Champagne, Slaven, and Company. Despite a tough economy on Wall Street, the Chairman of the LPTFA, John Arceneaux says, “the Board of Trustees has made sound economic decisions regarding our investments, and these financial gains are not only good for the Trust but better for the citizen of Lafayette.” The LPTFA realized these gains while at the same time distributing nearly a million dollars of grants in the Lafayette community. The following are the major grants issued by the LPTFA in the past fiscal year: Downtown Development Authority – $32,190.00 South Louisiana Community College Health and Sciences Building – $350,000.00 Lafayette Central Park – $580,052.00

For more information, visit, or contact Rebekke Miller, Program Coordinator at (337) 504-2314. Established on January 16, 1979, the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority (LPTFA) is a public trust that was created for the purpose of furthering and accomplishing public functions to benefit citizens of the city and parish of Lafayette, Louisiana. These causes encompass a wide spectrum ranging from providing financial and housing support for the less affluent residents of Lafayette Parish, to supporting housing, government services and civic initiatives. Specific projects the LPTFA undertakes are determined by a volunteer board of trustees who meet regularly. The LPTFA is self-supporting and its operations, programs and projects are funded solely by self generated revenues. The LPTFA has never received any tax or other budget appropriation or funding from the City of Lafayette or the State of Louisiana for its operations and has never requested such funds.

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