BeauSoleil Lousiana Solar Home

The LPTFA provided a $125,000 donation towards the design and construction of the BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home. Designed and built under the direction of the UL Lafayette Building Institute, [...]


The NEXThouse was made possible through LPTFA’s continued financial support of ULL Building Institute to construct urban, green, infill homes in Lafayette. The NEXThouse, which is part of the ULL [...]


The COURhouse, the third Building Institute neighborhood infill home, was constructed this summer with 15 graduate students and 10 undergraduate students under the direction of Professor Gjertson [...]

Event House

The LPTFA provided a $400,000 no-interest loan to Ragin Cajun Facilities, Inc. in order to give financial support to the UL Lafayette Building Institute in building urban, green, infill homes. [...]

Ragin’ Cajun Bond Issuer

As the authorized Bond Issuer for Ragin’ Cajun Facilities, Inc., the LPTFA serves as an intermediary that allows UL Lafayette to access the public bond markets. Through its trust indenture, [...]