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The mission and purpose of the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority is to further and accomplish any public function and purpose of the City including, but not limited to: hospital, medical, health, nursery care, nursing care, clinical, ambulance, laboratory and related services and facilities; housing, mortgage finance and related services, activities, facilities and properties; penitentiary, rehabilitation, incarceration and other correctional services and facilities; educational services and facilities and related housing and dormitory services and facilities; providing, developing, securing and improving water storage, treatment, supply and distribution services and facilities; sanitary and storm sewer and other liquid and solid waste collection, disposal, treatment and drainage services and facilities; educational or commercial communication equipment and facilities; mass transit, commuting and transportation, and parking services, equipment and facilities; cultural and civic facilities, services and activities; community development and redevelopment facilities and activities; gas, electric, petroleum, coal and other energy collection, recovery, generation, storage, transportation and distribution facilities and activities; industrial, manufacturing and other economic development facilities and activities; antipollution and air, water, ground and subsurface pollution abatement and control facilities and activities; airport and water port and related facilities, services and activities; and facilities, property and equipment of any nature for the use or occupancy of the state or the United States, or any agencies or instrumentalities thereof or of any governmental units in the state.

Said purposes and functions are hereby deemed and held to be essential public functions conducted in the public interest.


The LPTFA and all  business matters related to the trust are managed by a board of seven volunteer trustees, led by a chairman and two other trust officers.

These trustees volunteer their time to ensure the trust’s financial resources are utilized in a manner that benefits the citizens of the City of Lafayette.



The LPTFA board of trustees meets every two months to discuss various initiatives that the trust may wish to undertake. Just as importantly, the trustees meet to field requests for support from various areas of the Lafayette community. This is in keeping with the trust’s mission to further and accomplish any public function and purpose of the City of Lafayette. To obtain a schedule of the meetings, contact the Director of Operations,  Rebekke Miller at [email protected].

Trust Indenture

To view the LPTFA Trust Indenture, click here.

LPTFA by-laws

To view a PDF of the LPTFA By-Laws, click here.

Ethics Policy

To read the LPTFA Ethics Policy, click here.

Strategic Plan

To read the LPTFA Strategic Plan, Click Here.



Everything the LPTFA undertakes serves a public purpose. These causes encompass a wide spectrum ranging from providing financial and housing support for the less affluent residents of the City of Lafayette, to supporting housing, government services and civic initiatives. Specific projects the LPTFA undertakes are determined by a volunteer board of trustees who meet regularly.



Rebekke Miller, Director of Operations
P.O. Box 3205
Lafayette, LA 70501

Phone: (337) 504-2314
email: [email protected]

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