The LPTFA financially supported the planning and development of a public park on property known as Moncus Park.

The 100 acres of undeveloped green space located on Johnston Street known as Moncus Park at the Horse Farm was purchased in July 2012 by Lafayette Consolidated Government from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  After years of controversy over what should happen to this land, a collaborative effort was undertaken by ULL, the Community Foundation of Acadiana and Lafayette Consolidated Government to transform the property into a public park.  This will preserve the property for the enjoyment of generations to come, with new features and programs reflecting what the community envisions in the park.

The City-Parish Consolidated Government will own the land in perpetuity, but has entered into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement and Lease with the non-profit Lafayette Central Park, Inc.  This non-profit is charged with raising the money needed to design, build, maintain, and operate the park.  The LPTFA committed 2.6 million in seed funding to support the community engagement efforts necessary to determine the programing in the park, the fundraising campaign, and hire a design firm to create the master plan for the park.

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