Victory Gardens

Victory Gardens is located at the corner of Pierce and Olivier Streets in the La Place/Fightn’ville neighborhood.  This community garden was a dream of one of the neighborhoods more prominent [...]

U.S. Federal Courthouse

The LPTFA provided an $800,000 grant to Lafayette City-Parish Government in order to purchase the old U.S. Federal Courthouse on Jefferson Street in Lafayette. By purchasing the old Federal [...]

Acadiana Center for the Arts

The LPTFA provided an $875,000 grant to Lafayette Consolidated Government for the acquisition of the property for ACA in Lafayette. In a joint cooperative endeavor agreement between the Lafayette [...]

Moncus Park

The LPTFA financially supported the planning and development of a public park on property known as Moncus Park. The 100 acres of undeveloped green space located on Johnston Street known as Moncus [...]