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Supporting Lafayette Through Community Involvement

Addressing essential public functions conducted in the public interest.

What is LPTFA?

The Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority (LPTFA) supports the City of Lafayette through a range of finance-related programs and community involvement efforts. We are dedicated to utilizing the trust’s financial resources in a manner that benefits the City of Lafayette. The LPTFA is self-supporting and its operations, programs and projects are funded solely by self-generated revenues.

LPTFA has never received any tax or other budget appropriation or funding from the City of Lafayette or the State of Louisiana for its operations and has never requested such funds.

Our Projects

Over the years the LPTFA has supported a wide range of endeavors that have benefited the City of Lafayette in many ways – from low-income family housing to public transportation, parks and so much more.


Our Services & Programs

Educational Initiatives

We improve the Acadiana region through outreach programs to promote education for residents of all ages.

Energy & Environment

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Affordable Housing

UpLFT Capital Access if our flagship housing program, designed to make home ownership achievable for everyone.

Financial Services

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Fine Arts

LPTFA supports the arts through a diverse array of investments in ballet, music, theater and visual arts.

Financial Institutions

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LPTFA Board of Trustees

Kevin Blanchard

Executive Director

Anthony Daniel


Joan Savoy


Melissa Theriot


Luke Sonnier


Butch Roussel


Angela Morrisson


André Breaux


Rebekke Miller

Director of Operations

Our Future. Our Campus

The LPTFA campus is undergoing several changes. In addition to the recently completed SchoolMint renovation, the addition of The Monroe, and the acquisition of the Downtown Convention Center, our campus will be growing by nearly a dozen new developments over the next several years. If you are interested in working with LPTFA to develop an idea into a business, contact us today. 

About Our Board Meetings

The LPTFA board of trustees meets every two months to discuss various initiatives that the trust may wish to undertake. Just as importantly, the trustees meet to field requests for support from various areas of the Lafayette community. This is in keeping with the trust’s mission to further and accomplish any public function and purpose of the City of Lafayette. To obtain a schedule of the meetings, contact the Director of Operations, Rebekke Miller at [email protected].

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